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MMUSA Fokus Review

Like most people, sometimes I have trouble staying focused and motivated at work. I don’t drink coffee, but sometimes I need something to help sharpen my mind and keep me on task.

Fokus by MMUSA is a supplement that promises to deliver a mental boost. The product is said to improve memory, sharpen focus and boost brain energy. Its patented blend of “100% bio-available” ingredients supposedly helps “make sure your brain is well-fed, switched on and open for business.” [3] These claims sounded promising, but I wasn’t familiar with all the ingredients, so I decided to do some research.

What’s Inside Fokus?

Fokus contains a proprietary blend of several ingredients thought to be brain-boosters.


Theobromine is a substance that occurs naturally in cocoa beans. This alkaloid has a chemical structure that closely resembles caffeine; however, theobromine’s stimulant powers are weaker than those of caffeine. A study comparing the effects of theobromine and caffeine found that theobromine was less effective at improving mood and vigilance when administered in “nutritionally relevant doses.” [1]


Maca is the common name for lepidium meyenii, a root belonging to the radish family. Thought to enhance memory and boost energy, maca powder is commonly added to smoothies or taken in the form of a supplement. According to a scholarly paper exploring the pharmacological effects of maca, “Randomized clinical trials have shown that maca has favorable effects on energy and mood.” [2]


Phenylethylamine, or PEA, is an organic compound that occurs naturally in the central nervous system. Its stimulant effect may help improve energy and mood; however, evidence to confirm this claim is limited.


Bacopin is the trademarked name of Bacopa monierri, also called brahmi. This plant extract is purported to improve concentration and memory. Some evidence exists to substantiate these claims: A study of the long-term effects of Bacopin indicates a “significant effect” on memory retention. [4]


Commonly found in coffee, tea and several soft drinks, caffeine has long been hailed for its pick-me-up properties; most people can attest to the stimulant effect of a caffeinated beverage. A study measuring the effect of caffeine on healthy participants found that even a low dose of caffeine “can significantly affect cognitive performance.” [5]

In addition to these components, Fokus also contains vinpocetine, huperzine A and Chocomine, a substance derived from the cocoa bean.

What Are Customers Saying About Fokus?

Although Fokus is sold on a variety of online supplement websites, reviews appear to be nonexistent. I was disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to read about other consumers’ experiences with the product, but I’ll keep checking these websites for feedback in the future.

How Do I Take Fokus?

According to the manufacturer’s website, 2 capsules of Fokus should be taken at a time. It’s unclear whether the supplement is best taken at a certain time of day or if it should be taken with food. Like all supplements containing caffeine and other stimulants, Fokus shouldn’t be taken late in the day as it could cause insomnia.

Is Fokus Safe?

The ingredients in Fokus are generally regarded as safe, and they carry few side effects. While the manufacturer’s website lacks any warnings about who should avoid this product, standard precautions should apply.

Pregnant and nursing women should not take Fokus, and anyone with an existing medical condition should consult with their doctor before starting the supplement. If you’ve had problems tolerating caffeine or other stimulants, this product may not be ideal for you.

Does Fokus Live up to the Hype?

After checking out the ingredients in this supplement, I think I’m going to give Fokus a try.

Fokus may not deliver the same results for everyone, and some of its components lack the appropriate evidence to assess their effectiveness, but its arsenal of natural stimulant ingredients seems to offer a reliable way to increase mental energy and sharpen focus.

I’m not convinced that Fokus is going to make me any smarter, but I think it could be a great pick-me-up when I need that extra boost.


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