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Futurebiotics ThinkFast Review

With its glass container glistening with promise, FutureBiotics ThinkFast supplement is advertised to improve “mental flexibility” when used consistently.

As a cognitive enhancement, ThinkFast supposedly improves both decision-making and mental retention using old-fashioned herbal ingredients, along with a proprietary mixture.

With customer reviews ranging from superior to average, this supplement has some ingredients that have solid scientific background to support better brain functioning. However, herbal supplements vary in effectiveness for each person, especially if combined with other medications.[1,8]

Are There Side Effects?

There are no side effects listed on the FutureBiotics ThinkFast bottle, but the inclusion of ginkgo biloba needs to be noted. A customer reviewed the supplement and noted that it supposedly contributed to chronic migraines.

As a migraine-sufferer before taking the supplement, it’s difficult to say if ThinkFast truly affected the person. With more than a half-dozen ingredients, it’s up to you to read the herbal selections to verify if any allergies or sensitivities could be an issue.

Talk to your physician about certain ingredients if you’re unsure about their effects on your mind or mixing with other prescription medications.[1,5,8]

Is The Manufacturer Reliable?

FutureBiotics encourages you to follow them through social media, giving them an air of permanency through constant communication. The Better Business Bureau gives FutureBiotics an A+ for their business although they aren’t accredited.

However, being unaccredited isn’t an automatic negative flag for a business. FutureBiotics was initially started in 1981, continually supplying the herbal industry with various supplements. It currently has 25 employees, making it a small but reliable company.

You can contact them at their New York office, email them or call the 800 number with any questions. Overall, FutureBiotics appears to support their customer base with consistent care.[9,10]

Proprietary Blend Caution

Every brand wants to stand out in the marketplace and ThinkFast is no different. It boasts an herbal blend referred to as “Proprietary Brain Boosting Compound.”

Although all the ingredients are listed under this compound, you don’t know their individual concentrations. If you’re sensitive to any of these blend ingredients, from soy to rosemary, be cautious about taking ThinkFast.

You may want to have your doctor look into the supplement to be completely sure your medications or medical history aren’t a negative contributor to the herbs. Without specific herb concentrations, you may experience some side effects.[1,8]

Who Shouldn’t Take It?

ThinkFast is designed for adults, so children need to avoid taking this supplement. Active ingredient concentrations are based on an average-size adult weight. If a child takes the supplement, negative effects could result from high concentrations within a small person.

Because some herbs have unknown effects on fetuses and infants, FutureBiotics suggests “pregnant and nursing” women should avoid taking ThinkFast.

Mothers share any nutrients taken into the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding, allowing even herbal supplements to enter the child’s bloodstream. For overall caution, only adults can take this memory-boosting supplement.[1,8]

Are There A Lot Of Pills To Take?

You don’t have to take pills 2 or even 3 times a day with ThinkFast. Ideally, start your day with a good breakfast and take the recommended 2 pills at the same time. The food helps you digest the supplement without any stomach issues, moving the nutrients into your bloodstream for a strong cognitive boost.

Taking more than the recommended dose doesn’t necessarily make the memory-boosting effect any stronger so avoid taking excess amounts of ThinkFast. Even healthy nutrients are bad when taken in high concentrations.[1,8]


Scutellaria Baicalensis/Acacia Catechu Blend

Scutellaria baicalensis is a root extract commonly known as skullcap, whereas acacia catechu is derived from the bark or heartwood of the acacia tree.

When these two ingredients are combined, scientific data suggests they reduce inflammatory molecules. When cells aren’t under inflammatory stress, they often work better because the mind isn’t distracted by pain. It’s possible these herbs contribute to better cognitive functioning.[3,4]

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is well-known for its use in the Chinese culture, contributing to mental stimulation and reduced anxiety. There is some scientific data supporting less mental decline in seniors, making ginkgo a positive addition to ThinkFast success.[5]

Bacopa Monnieri

As a leaf extract, bacopa monnieri holds promise for your improved memory because scientists have observed better cognitive retention in tests. Consistent bacopa monnieri use could help you better retain new information.[2]

Ginger Root Extract

Improved memory in senior women was noted by scientific tests, but more information is necessary to truly count ginger as a cognitive-enhancer. It does have observed pain-killing attributes, possibly relieving stress and giving the mind a chance to concentrate on other pursuits.[6]

Gotu Kola Leaf

This natural nutrient has solid scientific data showing an increase in cognitive abilities because of observed neuron, or brain cell, generation.

With more neuron pathways, the mind has better abilities to perceive and understand the surrounding world.[7]

The Verdict

As a vegetarian product, ThinkFast is one of the only cognitive supplements with “aromatic botanical essence,” making the product pleasing to the senses as it’s taken daily.

When taken at the recommended dosage, some customers had positive reviews, but not everyone felt the same advertised effects.

If you have no allergies to the ingredients, taking ThinkFast may help your mental agility on a daily basis, but be aware that a miraculous mental change isn’t truly possible with just herbal elements alone.[1,8]


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