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MRM Neuro-Max II Review

MRM Neuro-Max II supplements advertise their “well-researched brain and cognitive-enhancing nutrients” as a pathway to better memory and “vitality.”

With more than a dozen ingredients, you can clearly see each substance’s influence on the supplement itself, including the high concentration of phospholipid complex. Although there are limited reviews and feedback on Neuro-Max II, the ingredients reflect a strong affiliation with cognitive enhancement and overall well-being.[1,6]

Is the Manufacturer Reliable?

MRM, or Metabolic Response Modifiers, was started in 1996 with several physicians as the core group. Today, this manufacturer has dozens of different products on the market. They also claim to work with local colleges to test the nutritional merits of their supplements.

With nearly a 20-year business, it’s apparent that MRM won’t disappear overnight if there are concerns over Neuro-Max II’s effectiveness. Although supplements aren’t required to be approved by the FDA, it’s comforting to know that MRM actively researches their products to find the best mixtures.

However, you should read all labels carefully to decide if Neuro-Max II is safe for your use.[1,8]



Although it’s a natural human amino acid, phosphatidylserine (PS) doesn’t have much scientific data supporting its use in supplemental form. It only has minor effects on cognitive decline, making PS slightly effective in high doses of 300mg compared to Neuro-Max II’s 100mg amount.[5]


Choline is mainly used to treat liver conditions for specific diseases. As for its effect on memory and cognition, there’s no concrete evidence supporting increased brain vitality. However, choline is instrumental in overall cell health, making it possible to work well with other supplement ingredients.[7]


Although scientists are still researching this herb’s “main mechanism,” ashwagandha shows promise with strong memory formation and anti-depressive features. Because it reduces stress and physical pain slightly, ashwagandha gives the user a chance to concentrate on cognitive abilities instead of external issues.[4]

Bacopa Monnieri

Remembering new information is often difficult for people, but bacopa monnieri has scientific data supporting its use as a memory-enhancer. Research suggests that people remember new information better with bacopa monnieri use.[2]

Ginkgo Biloba

As a traditional supplement, ginkgo biloba is known for its mood-enhancing properties. It reportedly improves memory function, even for dementia patients, while increasing blood flow. This stimulating blood flow effect suggests that all cells are adequately oxygenated for improved overall functioning.[3]

Is It a Vegetarian Product?

Although not certified as a vegan product, Neuro-Max II is considered vegetarian. They use plant cellulose, the backbone of plant cells, for capsule strength.

You’ll be pleased to note that MRM advertises no use of common animal products, including dairy and eggs, within the supplements. There’s even no tree nut exposure, making the product safe for nut allergy sufferers.

However, there are soy derivatives within the mixture. If you have any sensitivity to soy, ask your physician to review Neuro-Max II. Although soy is not an advertised main ingredient, sensitive users may find this supplement problematic.[1,6]

Can I Take It With Other Medications?

All of Neuro-Max II’s ingredients are in relatively low concentrations, making major side effects for each individual substance unlikely. However, you need to consult with a doctor if you’re taking medication for specific ailments.

For example, rheumatoid arthritis sufferers taking methotrexate could see a decrease in medication effectiveness if mixed with choline, an active ingredient in Neuro-Max II. Ginkgo biloba is linked to bleeding and reduced coagulation, making this substance a poor choice for patients using blood-thinning medications.

With its natural ingredients, Neuro-Max II can still produce considerable interactions with certain drugs. It’s always best to have a doctor’s approval before taking a daily supplement.[1,3,7]

Are There a Lot of Pills to Take?

If you’re a supplement enthusiast, you may be used to taking pills 2 or 3 times a day. Neuro-Max II takes the pressure off you and only asks for a daily dose of 2 capsules.

It’s possible the plant cellulose capsule slows its digestive time, giving the ingredients a slight time-release into the blood stream. Take the pills with a meal, such as breakfast, to make digestion easier.

Some of the ingredients, such as choline, can irritate the stomach lining. Food provides a buffer for the supplement, helping sensitive users feel comfortable with a daily dose.[1,6,7]

Where Can I Find the Best Deals?

Each Neuro-Max II bottle offers 60 capsules, approximately a 30-day supply. The best deals are often online, allowing you to purchase bottles in sets of 2 or 3 to reduce cost. Bulk supplement purchases are almost always cheaper than individual bottles.

To entice you to different vendors, you’ll see advertising for free shipping and even discount coupons. Because Neuro-Max II is distributed through many supplement shops, they all vie for your business.

Find an online store that offers a fair price and fast shipping. The product is always the same regardless of the seller, making the market competitive for deep discounts.[1,6]

The Verdict

MRM Neuro-Max II has a good ingredient blend, low price, and the manufacturer is reliable. Each person has a different metabolism, making supplements more or less effective for every buyer. There are no miracle herbal mixtures to fix mental decline permanently, but help from this natural supplement combination might be a solution for your needs.[1,6]


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