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Pro Supps I-Focus Review

I found out about ProSupps I-Focus while I was sifting through the scores of cognitive enhancement products available online. This dietary supplement supposedly helps people deal with the disarray all too common to the contemporary workaholic’s packed schedule.

The product’s manufacturer, ProSupps, touts it as a “high-powered focal agonist.” I decided to see what I could dig up to support or invalidate their claims.

What ProSupps Claims I-Focus Can Do

ProSupps says that I-Focus helps users attain a state of mental harmony. The product is clearly marketed towards those who live busy lifestyles, and it claims to help people organize their mental clutter and handle their day-to-day business with increased efficiency.

Among other claims, the supplement purports that it aids cognitive function, boosts mood and focus, and even helps people deal with mild nervousness.

While the I-Focus product page doesn’t specify whether ProSupps actually tested these claims in clinical trials, it should be noted that the supplement bears a standard FDA non-evaluation disclaimer.

How Does I-Focus Claim to Function?

Let’s return to the assertion that I-Focus includes a focal agonist. For those of you who don’t know, an agonist is a form of chemical that binds to a protein receptor like those found on the outside of all cells. [1]

Agonists activate receptors in emulation of the way natural hormones and neurotransmitters function, causing similar biological responses in the process; many drugs and supplements fall into this category. Similarly, antagonists target the same receptors but induce opposite biological responses.

What’s in I-Focus?

So, is there really such thing as a focal agonist? Lone agonists are rarely responsible for the major behavioral changes like those claimed in the I-Focus description, but an examination of the supplement’s ingredients reveals that the company may be headed in the right direction with a blend of agonists and antagonists.

3 of the first 4 ingredients listed on the product label under Energy Regulation Matrix incorporate some form of caffeine, and caffeine’s primary action method is as an antagonist that affects the brain’s adenosine receptors.

While caffeine ingredients don’t make up the bulk of a serving, their 219 mg dose is just above the daily recommendation limit for pregnant mothers.[2]

The second group of ingredients is touted as being a Mood Matrix. It includes Gamma-Amminobutyric Acid (GABA), a common neurotransmitter that caffeine tends to inhibit.

It may be that by adding more of this transmitter to I-Focus, ProSupps hopes to reduce the anxiety, insomnia and circadian rhythm effects commonly observed in those who use caffeine in high doses.[4]

Also included are natural amino acids, such as 5-HTP, which the body uses to produce its own mood-regulating serotonin.

Notable ingredients in the supplement’s final grouping, the Infinite Focal Matrix, include whole-plant extract of Bacopa Monnieri, a nervous system depressant that may be included to counteract the effects of the high caffeine dosage.

This plant is known to Ayurvedic medicine and TCM as a nervous system restorative agent, but it also has the potential for side effects, such as liver toxicity, GI problems and antidepressant interactions. [3]

Ginseng and DMAE, which have been suggested to improve mental focus, are also included, but sources note that the benefits of these substances haven’t been confirmed to the complete satisfaction of the scientific community. [5] [6] The I-Focus recipe also incorporates choline, an essential nutrient tied to memory improvement and energy production. [7]

The Final Verdict

ProSupps I-Focus doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything new or innovative, but this might actually make it a better bet than some other products or a good replacement for that daily cup of coffee.

The caffeine dosage is relatively high, the addition of other natural ingredients may serve to counteract side effects and provide energy without the distraction.

The major caveat that occurred to me, however, is the fact that because I-Focus includes proprietary blends, it’s impossible to tell how balanced of a product it is without trying it.


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