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Profiderall Review

My new job demands insane hours, and I was struggling to stay focused and maintain my competitive edge. Although I knew that many people used prescription ADHD drugs to sharpen their concentration, I didn’t want to turn to medications; I preferred a safer, more natural approach.

Profiderall, by Profiderall Laboratories, promises to deliver the same brain-boosting effects as these drugs with its unique combination of nootropics, which are substances that are thought to work by supplying the brain with critical neurochemicals or improving oxygen circulation.

I had heard of nootropics before, but I had my doubts. Could a dietary supplement really help my memory and focus? I decided to learn more about these ingredients.

What’s Inside Profiderall?


Picamilon is a compound formed by combining niacin and GABA. It’s said to enhance cognitive function by improving blood circulation to the brain.

While there is insufficient research to substantiate these focus-enhancing claims, a Russian study indicates that increased cerebral blood flow from picamilon can improve certain neurologic symptoms. [1]

DMAE Bitartrate

DMAE bitartrate is a synthetic substance thought to enhance focus, memory and alertness. Studies investigating its effectiveness as a cognitive enhancer are inconclusive, and the substance can cause headaches and insomnia.


Derived from the leaves of the lesser periwinkle, vinpocetine is purported to improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. No research is available to substantiate its reputation as a cognitive enhancer.

A study assessing the effect of vinpocetine on cognitive impairment states that evidence is “inconclusive and does not support clinical use.” [6]

Huperzine A

Huperzine-A is derived from Chinese club moss. The extract works by inhibiting a specific enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, a substance that supports cognitive function.

Huperzine A appears to have some brain-boosting benefits: One study concluded that the substance “enhanced the memory and learning performance” of the participants. [2]


Coffee lovers can attest to the renowned stimulant powers of caffeine. Scientific research confirms the performance-boosting effects of this substance: According to a paper discussing the effects of caffeine on human behavior, “caffeine improves performance on vigilance tasks and simple tasks that require sustained response.” [3]

In addition to these powerhouse ingredients, Profiderall also contains several key nutrients for neurological health. Amino acids such as L-taurine and L-tyrosine, which are necessary for healthy brain function, are thought to enhance focus.

A hefty dose of B-vitamins in this supplement ensures that customers are getting enough of these essential “energy vitamins.” [4] A B-vitamin deficiency, common in many adults, can lead to fatigue and poor concentration.

What People are Saying about Profiderall

Customer reviews of Profiderall area mixed. One customer reports that his “focus and energy is outstanding” while taking the supplement, while another calls Profiderall “a waste of money.” [5] Many customers note that Profiderall carried none of the unpleasant side effects they had previously experienced with prescription drugs.

How Do You Take Profiderall?

You can take 2 capsules of Profiderall at a time; no more than 6 capsules should be taken in a day. Profiderall can be taken whenever you need an extra boost of energy and focus. Some customers take one before a lengthy study session or late night at the office.

Profiderall can also be taken in the afternoon to combat the typical after-lunch crash. It can even be helpful on those days when you wake up and just can’t shake that mental fog.

Is Profiderall FDA-Approved?

Unlike popular focus-boosting medications like Adderall, Profiderall is not a drug; it’s a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements aren’t subject to the same regulations as medicines and foods.

While the FDA may not test and approve dietary supplements, other safeguards exist for consumers. Supplements must adhere to DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) regulations regarding their manufacturing and labeling.

Who Should Avoid Profiderall?

Profiderall is formulated for adult use, so children under 12 should not take this product. Individuals who are sensitive to stimulants, as well as pregnant and nursing women, may also want to avoid Profiderall.

If you have any concerns about using the supplement, speak to your physician before taking the first dose.

Does Profiderall Live up to the Hype?

Although no scientific research exists for the supplement itself, the ingredients in Profiderall are safe, and some have proven cognitive benefits. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee when you order Profiderall from its website, which makes it easier for customers to take the plunge and order that first bottle.

If you’re looking for a product to help you stay alert and focused, and you don’t want to delve into the world of prescription drugs, Profiderall is certainly worth a try.


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